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We are specializing..
1. Transportation of Bulk Bitumen and Bulk LPG

2. Trading and Transportation of Bulk Bitumen & POL

3. Manufacturing of Bituminous products like Industrial Grade Bitumen

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With its rich and diversified experience in transportation industry, the group has developed an excellent relationship with Major Oil companies in the country and well known consumers for transportation. The group companies are authorized Transport Contractor of all the major oil companies in the country. The group companies are mainly engaged in transportation of specialized products like Black Oils (LDO, LHSH, FO etc), POL, Bitumen and Bulk LPG. These companies are specialized in bulk transportation through tankers 11 MT to 25 MT capacities. The group is having more than 400 owned tankers & is well positioned to offer its clients, a quick, reliable, efficient and professional transportation. The Group’s offices have ‘State of Art’ technology to monitor vehicle movements, positions and availability.


Bulk Bitumen Transportation

Bitumen can be procured either in bulk form or packed in drums or PVC Bags. In either case, the product has to be transported from the dispatch unit to work site. Bulk Bitumen transportation is done with specially designed tankers, which are insulated also have the pump facility for loading/unloading of the product. The insulation on the tanker retains the temperature of the bitumen, as the product tends to get solidified at a lower temperature. The heating arrangement is essential to increase the temperature of the Bitumen in tanker, particularly, at the time of unloading.

Bitumen is mainly consumed for the road construction work. Bitumen constitutes around 40 percent of the total road project costs. Therefore, it is very crucial for the road contractors to procure this item from a reliable source and cost effectively. Currently all roads projects are time bound and all contracts are given with penalty rider for delay. The contractors could ill-afford delays, which would have serious repercussions on his business. Therefore, timely delivery is PERQUISITE for this product.


LPG is the most common fuel for domestic as well as industrial consumption. This product is available through refineries and this product is also imported in bulk through ships. The bulk LPG is mainly transported from source to the industrial users or to the LPG Bottling Plants. It is transported in a specially designed tanker, being highly explosive in nature. This specific design of the tanker takes care of safety while loading, transporting and unloading LPG from the tankers.

Group Companies:  Bombay Baroda Roadways (India) Ltd | Agarwal Translink Pvt Ltd

 ANZ Transporters | Agarwal Gas Carriers | Murlidhar Ishwardas Balotra | Agarwal Petrochem Pvt. Ltd

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