Agarwals Group - A Well known name in Bitumen & LPG transportation

We are specializing..
1. Transportation of Bulk Bitumen and Bulk LPG

2. Trading and Transportation of Bulk Bitumen & POL

3. Manufacturing of Bituminous products like Industrial Grade Bitumen

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(A Well known name in Bitumen & LPG transportation)

From time immemorial, life has ceaselessly evolved on a unique planet called ‘Earth’. Man, one of the sub line creations not only reaped the natural harvest to its full potential, but also passed on a legacy of knowledge for the subsequent generations to reap upon. The entity of ‘Agarwal’s’ group was one of such creation, through the dedicated and committed efforts of Late Shri Mangilal Agarwal

Transportation being the backbone of a Nation’s growth, this service industry enables transportation of goods and people every nook and corner of the country. Till date this industry is under unorganized sector. Very few major players are under organized sector.

The customer gauges the strength of the transporter on the following factors:

• Organized transporters having a fleet of vehicle at their disposal.
• Good infrastructure and support staff.
• Condition of the vehicles.
• Reliability and market reputation.
• Total commitment to excel in any adverse conditions.

The group has its own Workshops in Navi Mumbai, Baroda and Jodhpur and have skilled and dedicated staff for repair and maintenance.

The economic environment in the 21st Century fosters healthy competition with no limits while providing new business opportunities to global companies. Advances in WTO agreements induce gradual globalization of the world economy for everyone’s benefit. Keeping pace with the changing times, the company is persistently aware of the latest developments and prepared to face challenges of the Millennium through Transportation up gradation and expansion.

Group Companies:  Bombay Baroda Roadways (India) Ltd | Agarwal Translink Pvt Ltd

 ANZ Transporters | Agarwal Gas Carriers | Murlidhar Ishwardas Balotra | Agarwal Petrochem Pvt. Ltd

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